Googe Earth

A KML export of your asset’s latest positions, historical position data and geofences are available in the following URL formats:

Format for challenged authentication

Latest Positions: https://{Domain}/KML/LatestPositions

Historical Positions: https://{Domain}/KML/PositionHistory?fromDate=(from)&toDate=(to)

Emergency Historical Positions: https://{Domain}/KML/EmergencyHistory?fromDate=(from)&toDate=(to)

Geofences: https://{Domain}/KML/Geofences

Places: https://{Domain}/KML/Places

Format for including authentication

Latest Positions: https://{Domain}/KML/LatestPositions?username=(username)&password=(password)

Historical Positions: https://{Domain}/KML/PositionHistory?username=(username)&password=(password)&fromDate=(from)&toDate=(to)

Emergency Historical Positions: https://{Domain}/KML/EmergencyHistory?username=(username)&password=(password)&fromDate=(from)&toDate=(to)

Geofences: https://{Domain}/KML/Geofences?username=(username)&password=(password)

Places: https://{Domain}/KML/Places?username=(username)&password=(password)

Date Formats

When passing from or to dates as parameters, please do so using the international date format of yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss. This will ensure dates are always parsed correctly regardless of your user’s language/date formatting preference.

Using Google Earth

To view this feed in Google Earth, you must add it as a Network Link. 

  1. Go to Add->Network Link within Google Earth
  2. Name the link, e.g. “My Tracking Assets”
  3. Enter the KML feed URL in the “Link” box, e.g. https://{Domain}/KML/LatestPositions
  4. An authentication window will appear after a few moments. In it you must enter your tracking Username and Password. Check the “Remember my credentials” box if you do not want to have to re-enter them whenever you access Google Earth.
  5. Click “Ok”

Your Tracking feed has now been added to Google Earth and should be listed inside the “Places” box.

To refresh the feed, right-click on its name in the “Places” section inside Google Earth and choose “Refresh”.