Message Relaying

The platform has a very powerful message routing system built in that can route text messages from any device, to any device. To enable this feature, go to the ‘Edit Config’ page for the asset, then the “Settings” tab, and assign the unit a small number in the “Message Destination ID” field. This allows units to text message each other transparently. You simply send a message in the following format “{Destination ID of other device}:{Your Message}”


Device #1: Iridium Extreme - Message Destination ID “10”

Device #2: Shout Nano - Message Destination ID “11”

Device #3: iPhone - Message Destination ID “12”

Shout Nano can send a message to the Iridium Extreme by sending a text message “10:Hi Iridium Extreme”

Iridium Extreme can send a message to the iPhone by sending a text message “12:Hi iPhone”

Email Gateway

You can compose a message to a device in your portal by simply sending an email to {IMEI/MISDN/AssetID}@{ShortDomain}. Here are some specific examples:

  • Iridium: {IMEI}@{ShortDomain}

  • Blackberry: {Device ID}@{ShortDomain}

  • IPhone: {Serial Number}@{ShortDomain}