Create A Geofence

Instruction Example
1.) Click on “add geofence” Create Geofence 1
2.) Enter a name for the Geofence Create Geofence 2
3.) Select a color by using the drop down color menu Create Geofence 3
4.) To create a geofence as a line segment/border, click on the line button Create Geofence 4
5.) You may drag the popup menu out of the way to make it easier to create your geofence Create Geofence 5
6.) Start by clicking a point on the map. This the is starting point of your line Create Geofence 6
7.) Next, click another point on the map Create Geofence 7
8.) Continue making points along the path of your desired geofence Create Geofence 8
9.) To create a filled area as a geofence, click on the filled polygon button and place points on the map the same way the line geofence was created Create Geofence 1
10.) Continue adding points to make your desired shape Create Geofence 10
11.) The shape you create will be filled automatically Create Geofence 11
12.) To create a filled area in the shape of a circle, click on the filled circle button. Click a point on the map that will be the center of your circled area Create Geofence 12
13.) Click on the map one more time to add a second point. This point determines how large of a circle you wish to make Create Geofence 13
14.) You can resize the circle by clicking and holding down on the second point, then dragging that point anywhere on the map Create Geofence 14
15.) You can make the circle larger or smaller than your original. In addition, you can click and hold down on the center point to move the filled area on the map Create Geofence 15
16.) It is possible to create multiple shapes within the same geofence Create Geofence 16
17.) When you have created the ones you wish to keep and deleted the ones you don’t, click on the the “Save Geofence” button Create Geofence 17